A Cold Rainy Day

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
A Cold Rainy Day

It had been a cold rainy day so when I got home all I wanted was a nice /shower/hot-shower/">hot shower. I walked into my apartment and expected to find it quiet and empty. But to my /surprise/">surprise I could already hear the shower running. I immediately became excited. He was home. I had not seen him in two months and had been fantasizing about him coming home every night since he left. My dream world was going to become a /reality/">reality tonight.

I got undressed in the bedroom so that I could surprise him. I knew he had not shut the door so I would be able to walk in unnoticed. When I opened up the shower curtain and put my arms around his waist and grabbed onto his dick, I realized he was happy to see me too. I had almost forgotten just how good it felt to hold it in my hands. I was beginning to stroke it lightly when he turned around and pulled me into the shower with him. Before I could say, ?Hello? he had his lips on mine. Less than a second later his tongue was forcing its way through my lips, pressing against my tongue with urgency. I was wanting him more and more each second. It was when he started to suck on my tongue that brought the vision of me sucking on his dick into my mind. I could feel my pussy start to tingle at the thought. But when his hands trailed down my back and he began massaging each of my ass cheeks, it drove me wild. 

He pulled me closer to him and I could feel his cock pressing into my stomach, begging for attention. I broke away from the kiss and got down on my knees in front of him. I could feel the water surging down his body onto mine. Making his dick nice and wet. I pictured it looking just like this after I had cum all over it. I looked up at him while I started to lick around his cock, in long and slow motions. It tasted so much better than in my fantasies. I had dreamt about sucking his dick night after night. This was not a dream, it was reality at its best.

I paid special attention to the vein on the underside making sure that the tip of my tongue flicked over it every few seconds. I could tell that he liked it because he was starting to grow in my hands. I put the head of it into my mouth and started to make light vibrations making them stronger xxx as I pushed more and more into my mouth. I started off slow. Putting a little in at a time. Pushing it in and out of my mouth adding more each time. Continuing until he was completely in my mouth. I could feel the muscles at the back of my throat contract around the head of his dick, driving him wild. While swirling my tongue around his cock I started to pull him in and out of my mouth, going in a steady rhythm. And stroking the remaining length with my hand to ensure that none of it was being ignored. To heighten the pleasure I began to massage his balls and every once in a while I would suck on each one. Ending with a slight nibble before I put his cock back into the warm recesses of my mouth. I wanted him to remember what he was missing out on.

I knew he would not be able to hold it for long and I wanted to savor every moment of his salty cum. I slowed down and took his cock out of my mouth and licked up and down the base. Continuing like that until I had covered his entire cock with my saliva. I could feel it start to tremble under my tongue. He could not hold it much longer. Just as I got the head of his cock into my mouth I knew he was reaching his limit. I got a few more strokes of the tongue in before I could feel the cum starting to hit the back of my mouth. Not wanting to miss any I pulled him almost all the way out of my mouth until only the head was inserted. His cum was flooding the back of my throat and I did all I could to make sure that I swallowed every bit of it. Some of it began to trickle down my face. I used the head of his cock to wipe it from my cheek and licked it off his now drained cock.

When I was sure that I got all of it, I stood back up and gave him another kiss. So he would know that I swallowed every bit of it. I could not wait any longer, I had waited long enough. I broke off the kiss and whispered in his ear, ?Oh Michael, please fuck me, right now, right here.? It did not take much convincing. He lifted me up against the shower wall and put me down on his cock. I was already extremely wet from when I was sucking his dick that there was enough lubrication for him to make a quick entrance. The feeling of him entering me made my entire body shiver. He felt bigger than I had remembered. 

It felt like he was getting bigger and bigger inside of me. We began moving in sync with each other. It felt so good; I could not stop myself from raking my nails across his back. It was his cue that I liked it. It was when he put his lips around one of my nipples that I could not hold back the moans of pleasure. ?Ohh yes?your tongue feels like velvet.? ?Ohhh Michael?yes?oh fuck?.just like that?don?t stop?? But it was when he started to gently bite my nipple that I could not remain quiet, ?ahhh yes, Michael don?t stop, that feels sooo good.? ?/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder?Ohhhh?. Yesss?Michaelllllll? ?Your cock feels so good in /pussy/tight-pussy/my-tight-pussy/">my tight pussy?.? I knew it was not going to take me very long before I reached my first orgasm. I looked down and I could see his cock pushing in and out of my pussy. The water that was flowing down our bodies made the experience even more erotic. 

As he pounded me nice and hard I could not help but lick my lips thinking about him licking my pussy clean of our juices. And it was that thought that pushed me over the limit. ?I?m about to cummmm?ohhh Michael? I could feel the muscles in my pussy start to contract around his dick. Sending sensations throughout my body. I wanted him to cum with me. But I wanted to be able to feel the full affects of it?. Later? My legs started to tremble and my back arched. I pressed down as hard as I could so that he was completely in me. I wanted him to feel the full effect of my orgasm.

As my orgasm started to subside, I asked him if he would like to try another position. I knew full well what his answer would be. When he said, ?hell yes? I was not surprised and told him to turn the shower off and sit down on my vanity chair and to lean back. 

I stood in front of him, glistening from the water still flowing down my body in little droplets. I turned around so that I was facing away from him and leaned back. I grabbed his cock and aimed it at my pussy and sat down on it. I waited a moment because I always loved the feel of it all the way inside of me with my weight holding me down. Using the arms of the chair I lifted myself up and down on his cock. Every now and then I would tease him by pulling him almost all the way out and wiggling around, until he was close to begging me to stop. Before he could say anything I would push down until he was all the way in and lean back against his chest. Giving him the chance to massage my breasts and let me massage my clit. I could not help but moan at the immensity of what I was feeling. ?Ohh damn that feels sooo good?oh fuck yes?? He cupped my tits in his hands and pinched my nipples. I was getting so much hornier that I had to go a little longer. I still did not want him to cum inside me. But I wanted him to be on the verge. So I leaned as far forward as I could and started to push my self up and down on his cock. I wanted him to be able to see it going in and out of me. He started to moan, ?oh I?m close?. I knew it was time to stop because I was not ready for him to cum yet. But his time would soon come.

I stood up and grabbed his hand. He did not protest. He knew exactly how I liked it. I walked over to the counter and bent over and spread my legs. Exposing my swollen pussy. He got right porn videos download behind me and I heard, ?It?s pay back time?. He took the head of his cock and teased me with it. He rubbed the head up and down hitting the clit in just the right spot. Every once in a while hitting my /pussy/pussy-hole/">pussy hole but never entering. ?Oh fuck?I?m sorry?. Please don?t stop?fuck me?please babe?? 

I knew if I begged he could not resist. ?Oh you are lucky that I can?t hold back any longer because I would have teased you even more?. At that he plunged his cock into me. Now it was all about him, he wanted to get off. He started to fuck me with such fierceness that I thought I was going to cum again. It did not take him long before I felt his cock start to swell and twitch inside of me. Now it was time for him to cum. He kept pumping faster and harder. He was on a mission and he was going to reach his gold. He rammed me one last time and pushed his cock in as far as he could. I felt his cum hitting the inside of my pussy and it was driving me nuts. I love the feeling of his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum oozing out of my pussy and flowing down my legs. I had purpose for making him wait until now. Standing in such a way as I was, it made more of a mess for him to clean up. I smiled at the thought of his tongue between my legs. I licked my lips as visions of him sucking on my clit came into my mind.

As I felt the last of his orgasm I could not hold back my eagerness. ?Are you ready to clean up this mess you made?. ?You bet I am? was all he could say. Without a second thought I walked over and sat on my vanity chair and spread my legs open as wide as I could. I started to rub my clit. It was slick with his juices. With one hand on my pussy, I put my other hand on my breast and started massaging it in sync to the hand that was playing with my pussy. 

He got on his knees in front of me and moved my hand out of the way. I grabbed his head and pushed it toward my begging pussy. He started to lick around my clit, giving it gentle flicks of the tongue. As he inserted a finger into my pussy he licked all around making circular motions with his tongue. Adding another finger he started pumping them in and out making more juices flow from my pussy. He frantically licked around, getting every crevice and every drop that flowed out of me. ?Oh fuck?. That?s good?. Oh yes?. Lick my pussy?? He took his fingers out and put his tongue in their place. ?Oh yes?. Fuck my pussy with your tongue?oh yes Michael?make me cum...make me cum all over your tongue..? I could feel his tongue going in and out of my pussy. I could feel surges of pleasure running through my body. I reached down and started to rub my throbbing clit. He noticed that it was begging for attention and moved my fingers. He started to suck and nibble on my swollen clit, sending even greater surges through me. I could feel my orgasm start to peak and from the way I was moving my ass around he could tell that I was close to cumming. He moved his mouth down further and started to lick around long and slow. Juices started to flow and he did not waste any time to lick up every bit of it. After getting the last of it, he trailed his way up my stomach leaving a wet trail with his tongue. 

When he reached my tits he left fiery little kisses in a circle around each one and sucked on each of the nipples. I wanted that tongue in my mouth. I grabbed his head and pulled him face to face with me. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close to me. Pressing my lips against his and shoving my tongue into his mouth. 

After all that had happened it was that last kiss that left me feeling the most pleasured, I had the man of my dreams in my arms and his tongue in my mouth. I knew we were going to have many exciting nights in the future and I could not wait to get started on them. And lying there with him on top of me, I could not wait to feel his cock in my warmest and wettest crevices once again. We broke away from the kiss and walked to the bedroom. I fell asleep in Michael?s arms and slept the most peaceful that I had ever before.