Maiden MaidChapter 1

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Maiden MaidChapter 1

It was a cold night in the winter of 1933. Only the roaring fire from the mammoth fireplace in the study lighted the room. Eighteen year old Sarah shivered, not from the cold, but from the fear. She was naked, bent over the large upholstered chair, the fire playing over her naked skin. She was kneeling on the seat, her upper body hanging over the top of the chair, her breasts hanging down. Her legs were spread wide, touching the arms of the chair. She could feel her pussy lips and ass cheeks spread open. She felt so naked and vulnerable. She could hear /master/">master Michael, her employer behind her. She heard the sound of his clothes rustling as they fell to the floor as he removed his dressing gown. 

It was only a month since she was brought from the orphanage to work for Master Michael as his housemaid. Or that is what they told her. She thought she was lucky to have found such a great job. She was to work in a great manor, room and board furnished. The food was excellent, the accommodations grandiose compared to what she had lived in most of her life at the orphanage. The economy had turned /bad/">bad and there was so much poverty. She felt lucky to have even got a job. Others at the orphanage were released when they were eighteen to a miserable existence. She soon found out he expected more out of her. That is how she found herself in this predicament, naked waiting for Master Michael to take her virginity. 

It had gone from bad to worse since she started the job. It began with his leering glares, seemingly undressing her. It than went to the ’accidental’ touching of her body as she worked. Than there was the spanking for breaking the glass, her rounded butt raised up over his lap, her skirts pulled up exposing her corset, his /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock pressing into her. Each day he became more bold and insistent. Bedtime became the worse time. He would bring her into his study. He wore his dressing gown and she soon found out he was naked beneath. She would be forced to stand before him as he began to take liberties with her body. Soon he forced her to service him, on her knees before him, her clothes in disarray, his cock in her mouth until he filled her with his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum. Tonight she was stripped naked and bent over the chair. He had told her that he would fuck her tonight. She felt him behind her, his hard cock rubbing over her naked and spread pussy. She cried out as his cock entered her, breaking her hymen, taking her virginity forever. His hard cock began to stroke hard into her, her blood lubricating it, allowing him the liberty to take deep strokes into her virgin body, forcing gasps of pain from her lips.

Sarah was five feet five inches tall. Her features were not striking except for her hair. It was red and over the years had grown long and full. It now /hung/">hung down past her waist and covered her butt. It was the only possession that Sarah had in her life. Her body was slim, mostly caused by the little food that the orphanage had provided her with. Her breasts were small, but firm, her nipples a light brown, about the size of a quarter. Her waist was small, her butt rounded and firm. A bright red bush of hair framed her pussy. 

Sarah’s life had started bad and over her short eighteen years had not got much better. At the young age of three, both of her parents were killed in a fire. Relatives had not claimed her so she became a ward of the state. She lived in a series of orphanages for females and there were times when she was brought before families interested in adopting her, but as she became older, the visits became less frequent. Most families wanted a baby, not a teenager. Life in the orphanages became more difficult as the depression began. Food, while never plentiful, became even more scarce. The dormitory style rooms became more crowded as families could no longer care for their children. Where there were once twenty beds in the room, they now held thirty. Younger children were forced to sleep in the same bed with older children. At the age of eighteen, the state was no longer required to provide care for an orphan and they were released into the cruel world. The depression had hit severely, with unemployment at 25%. With little skills, those released became prostitutes to support themselves or lived in one of the Hoovervilles, tented communities of people with little hope or future.

Sarah thought her life had finally turned for the better. It happened on a Monday, over a month ago. Her birthday was tomorrow. While most people looked forward to their eighteenth birthday, Sarah feared it. She would be released from the sheltered life she had lived. While it was sparse, it did not require her to do much. A little cleaning and cooking, but she did have a roof over her head and a meager meal to eat. She had read in the paper that there were large numbers of people that did not have either, and it was getting worse. The orphanage did educate her, but did little to provide her with the necessary skills to survive in the world she knew little of.

Sarah was summoned to the head of the orphanage. Mr. Smith had been the head of the orphanage for over five years now. He was the only male in the whole building, even the maintenance personnel were females. He was mid forties, slightly balding with a small paunch. Food was not scarce for him. He thrived while the orphanage did not. He took a cut out of all the funds provided to the orphanage for its upkeep in addition to his meager salary. He also made money by getting some of the girl’s ’jobs’ with the many wealthy, single older men he knew. These individuals were extremely wealthy, in spite of the depression. They lived alone and required housemaids to care for the impressive mansions. But they required more. They knew the depression had brought many individuals to extreme measures to survive. They also wanted their housemaids to service their friends and themselves sexually. Their tastes were quite jaded and required very docile females. Mr. Smith’s orphanage had proven to provide the right type of individual for their tastes. The girls led very sheltered life, very few males allowed in. Their sexual experience consisted of lonely masturbation taught by the older girls with most of the girls that had spent long periods of time in orphanages being virgins. 

Mr. Smith, over the course of years, had become an excellent gauge of the type that would provide what the men desired. He had an eye on Sarah for the last year. Her bright red, long hair was a novelty that would be sought out by his benefactors. He often fantasized of Sarah, naked, her long red hair hiding her naked ass, her bright /pussy/red-pussy/red-pussy-hair/">red pussy hair outlining her virgin pussy. He would have loved to be the first one to fuck her, but the others would pay him handsomely to be the first. He had other girls in the orphanage that pleasured him sexually. He usually had at least one of the blowjob porn videos older girls as a sexual plaything for himself. She would come to his office once a week and behind a locked door he would partake of her. It began as punishments for offenses, spankings and than canings as he found more serious infractions to accuse her of. Eventually she would be forced to strip naked, bent over his desk as he took a cane to her upraised ass. The cane was extremely cruel and painful. The recipient’s ass would be sore for over a week. It was only a short time later, she would consent to letting him fuck her in her mouth, cunt and even her /asshole/">asshole. Anything to escape the cruel lash of the cane.

There was a knock on his door and Sarah entered the room. Michael was seated in a chair on the other side of the room. Mr. Smith was seated behind his desk. He had already discussed Sarah with Michael and had agreed that he would pay $500.00 if he milf porn videos approved of Sarah. This was almost six months salary to him and he was eager to make the deal. In order to clinch the deal, he had provided Sarah with a new dress, one that highlighted her charms for the meeting. It had cost him $2.00 but she was worth the investment.

Sarah was surprised that someone else was in the room. Mr. Smith had summoned her, but she did not know the reason. She thought it was odd that she was given a new dress to wear, but she figured it was given to her because she was going to leaving the next day. She looked extremely beautiful. It was a simple print dress with a tapered waistband and ended at mid-calf. The fashions had changed drastically since the 1920’s, with hemlines falling, but the tightness of it clung to her figure, especially her ass. It was black and her bright red hair silhouetted the dress. She saw Michael leering at her and she should have realized it at the time, but she was too nervous. ’You wanted me, Mr. Smith?’

’Yes, Sarah. I have some good news for you. Since tomorrow is your eighteenth birthday, you have to leave the orphanage. The depression has really hit the country bad and jobs are almost non-existent. But I think I have a solution for your problem. Michael here is a /friend/good-friend/">good friend of mine. He is looking for a new housemaid and I have told him about you.’

’Oh, thank you Mr. Smith. I did not know what would happen after today. I have heard from some of the other girls that have left the orphanage and most have not done well. There is many living in poverty in the streets and I know of one that turned to prostitution to live.’

’Michael, this is Sarah.’

’Hello, Sarah. I am looking for a housemaid. I am very wealthy and I have a large mansion on the other side of town. It has 15 rooms and 6 bedrooms. I live alone, but I do frequently entertain guests. This job would provide room and board as well as a very modest salary. Clothing would also be furnished, as you would be required to dress as I desire. You would have to be available to me seven days a week at whatever time I desire. Your job would require you to call me Master Michael and would require obedience to my wishes. I can be a very demanding boss, but you would have a very lovely room and bath to yourself and you would have the same food available to you that I eat. With the salary provided, you would be extremely well off compared to the society as a whole now. Do you think you can fulfill my wishes, Sarah?’

Sarah looked nervously at Michael. He was about the same age as Mr. Smith, forty-five being extremely old to someone only eighteen. He was in much better physical condition than Mr. Smith. He was about five feet, ten-inches tall, a slim waist and had a bronze glow to his skin. His long sandy brown hair highlighted his youthful appearance. She had some apprehension about living in a house with a man alone, but the house was huge. She had few options. It was either this or the street tomorrow. She would have to do whatever was required of her to make sure she got and kept the job. She knew that it might be difficult at times, but her life had never been easy. Maybe this was the break she deserved. ’Yes, Master Michael, I will do as you desire. I appreciate this opportunity and will do everything to fulfill your desires as my employer. Mr. Smith, I appreciate your confidence in my abilities and will not let you down.’