Wash day surpise

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Wash day surpise

Home alone you get on with the housework, looking in the laundry there enough for a load?

You take it to the machine and push the washing in, no it's only a half load, then you think I've been working hard these clothes must be dirty. There is no one else in the house so what the hell, you quickly strip off and add your clothes to the washing machine.

I have been out visiting customers for work and finished early, too late to go back to the office, I'll pop home, get a cup of tea. I park outside, I know I'll sneak round the back and /surprise/">surprise her. I slip quietly round to the back door, it is ajar. As I sneak in I'm treated to a wonderful sight, there you are bent over feeding clothes into the washing machine, legs slightly apart I can see your pussy peaking through. I creep towards you then announce my presence "Hello lady is that the machine that needs servicing?" You give a squeal and nearly jump out of your skin. Turning round you see me then bend down again, asking over your shoulder, "Can you see what's wrong?".

I kneel behind you and kiss one buttock then the other, "I think I need to explore deeper" and with that you open your legs wider. Stroking your legs I press my nose inbetween your lips and sniff, you smell divine. My tongue darts out and licks your lips, then I run it over your pussy up to your arsehole and back. You give a little shiver. I return my tongue to to your arse and run it round your /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole. Your reach back and pull your cheeks further apart to encourage me. My licking becomes more intense then I force the tip of my tongue inside, again you moan.

My hands travel up your thighs to your pussy, one starts caressing your clit with little circles as the other strokes your lips then gently parts them and I slip a finger inside. All the while lapping at your anus with my tongue. Now two fingers in your pussy, sliding in and out. I quickly undo my trousers and slide my boxers down then return two fingers to your pussy. Now caressing your arse with my other hand, I lubricate my fingers in your pussy then slide a finger into your arse. You push back, as I slide a second finger in. Now I have three fingers in your cunt and two the wwwxxx in your arse, pushing in and out in unison.

Slow wwwxxx and steady plunges in and out as you lean forward and push your arse up in the air and abandon your self to the feelings, I feel a sharp shudder as your muscles spasm round my fingers as you cum. Juices spurt all over my arm and I bend down to catch them in my mouth.

You speak for the /first-time/">first time in what seems like ages "Fuck me, I want your prick in me!" I carry on /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking you, harder now. Both of your holes are greadily sucking my fingers inside as I plunge them in and out. You ask again "Please fuck me, NOW" I stand behind you my cock standing straight and true. Which hole is the question?

I take both hands out and hold my cock ready, it brushes against your cunt, you try and push back. I lift it slightly to your arse and you try to impale yourself on it again. I position it and push straight into...your cunt. Three hard thrusts, followed by three slow, then three hard nearly knocking you over. Then out, you moan, then I thrust my cock into your arse. Slow pressure, you moan as I feed my cock all the way in. My cock is all the way in, my balls touch your pussy and my pelvic bone grinds against your arse. I pull out then thrust back, out and back, building a rhythm. You are moaning all the time, then encouraging me on, "Harder, faster, harder, faster, fuck me!!"

I am pounding in and out of you now. You reach between your legs and roughly rub your clit and seems to send you over the edge again. Your spasms are too much for me I start cumming inside you, so much that it is being squeezed out. You tell me later that you could feel the hot spurts inside you. I pull out and spray the last couple of streaks over your bum, then rest my cock there as I enjoy the view.

You straighten up and kiss me slow, "Welcome home, time for a cuppa?".

But I suggest you get into bed and wait for me while I make it, your going to need your rest ;o)