My Submissive CD

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My Submissive CD

It was a Saturday morning and I was horny as hell. I had been watching porn that morning. My favorite was /blowjob/blowjob-videos/">blowjob videos. I decided I need relief so I went on Craig's List and posted an ad looking for someone to let me use them for my sexual pleasures, no questions asked. I wanted to find someone whose sole desire would be to please me.

I posted my ad and within an hour I had a few e-mails. Most were guys, full hd xvideo download but one was a CD. She sent me pictures and she made a very sexy woman. In her pics she had on a /french/sexy-french/sexy-french-maid/">sexy french maid outfits, her legs perfectly smooth. She had on a black wig, with short straight hair reaching her shoulders. Her makeup was flawless; light skin with rosy cheeks, long eyelashes, black eyeliner with blue eye shadow. But what I loved the most was her deep red lips. The thought of having those /big/big-red/">big red lips on my cock was too much to pass up. This guy made one sexy woman!

I e-mailed her back asking her if she would be my little slut and do anything I tell her too. She answered that she's here to worship my desires. Perfect, I thought. We arranged to meet at her place. I told her that when I knock on her door she should answer dressed in /lingerie/sexy-lingerie/">sexy lingerie and to not speak unless I ask her to. When I got to her place, she did not disappoint. She answered the door wearing black and pink lace chemigarter with black heels. She was definitely petite, which I liked, probably around 5'8" 130lbs. Her makeup was the same as her picture, rosy cheeks with red lips and blue eyeshadow, only now she wore a blonde wig tied in pigtails.

I let myself in, telling her that she looked very sexy and I will enjoy having my way with her. I told her to take me to her bedroom, and she grabbed my hand and guided me into her room. As we were walking I checked out her /cute/">cute hairless bubble butt. My imagination was starting to run wild. In her bedroom, I sat down on the bed and commanded her to give me a lap dance. She obliged of course, climbing on top of me facing me, grinding her ass on my slowly hardening cock. She turned around, still sitting on my lap, and bent over, exposing her smooth ass to me. I slapped her ass hard to let her know I was enjoying it. She sat back up and ran her body along mine, her ass running along thighs, cock, and stomach. I grabbed her by the head and turned her head so her lips were facing mine and kissed her violently, running my tongue inside of her mouth.

I made her turn around to face me, still sitting on me, and told her to take my shirt off. She did, and I told her to kiss and lick my neck and chest sensually. She went straight for my neck, softly kissing me and running her tongue along my neck. My cock was rock hard underneath her my now. She moved down to my chest, running her tongue across my nipples before taking them into her mouth and sucking on them. Her mouth was so soft and moist, my mind was going /crazy/">crazy. My nipples were so sensitive. I pressed her head against my chest, making sure she did not stop licking and sucking on my nipples. I pulled her away finally, and instead fed her my fingers, telling her to show me how she wants to suck my dick. She took each finger in my right hand into her mouth one by one, and slowly sucked on them, running her tongue along my finger. I put both my index and middle finger in her mouth deep, forcing her to gag; telling her that she will have to gag on my cock too. The whole time she was staring into my eyes, longing for more.

Finally, I told her to get off and get on her knees. She did so obediently, never taking her eyes away from mine. I order her to undress the rest of me so she took of my pants and boxers, exposing my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock with a head full of precum already. "Alright my little slut, do you want to suck my dick now?" I asked her. "Yes please" she answered. "Tell me that you want to suck my cock" I ordered her. "/master/">master, please, I want nothing more than to take your cock in my mouth." I stood up and told her to open her mouth wide and stick out her tongue. I grabbed her head and ran just my head in and out of her mouth, running it along her tongue.

I told her I wanted to see if she could deep throat my cock, so I slid it into her mouth, forcing my way to the back of her throat. She gagged, but I didn't stop. I thrust my cock's full length in and out of her mouth slowly, watching every inch of it go into her mouth. Her watering eyes seemed to be saying please don't stop. I moved my cock harder and faster in and out of her mouth, holding her by the back of her head. She kept gagging, her eyes watering. I slapped her with my left hand, asking her "You like that don't you, you slut." She just looked up at me with her green watery eyes, incapable of answering.

"Because I am a merciful master, I will let you enjoy my cock who you want to" I told her as I let go of her head. "Thank you, master" she responded as she wiped tears away from her eyes. She grabbed my dick and raised it up, running her tongue up and down the underside of my shaft. She moved down to my balls, taking each one into my mouth softly. She sucked on them gently, grabbing my dick with one hand and running her other hand across my stomach. "Get my dick and balls all wet with your spit" I commanded her. She spit on my dick and ran her tongue all around it, spreading her saliva all over.

She took my cock back into her warm mouth, slowly engulfing it with every inch of her mouth. She moved up and down my shaft, her lips loosely around my shaft, running the warmth and moisture of her mouth all over my dick. My head was spinning, her mouth was amazing. The whole time all I could do was curse and tell her how fucking good her mouth feels. When I happened to glance down at her, she always had her eyes fixed on me, staring up at me for my approval. She grabbed my shaft and took the top of my dick in her mouth, sucking and stroking at the same time. My moaning and yelling got louder. The sight of her sexy red lips working my dick was a dream come true. But now I wanted something else.

"Stop" I ordered her. "Its time I fuck you." "Get on the bed and put your ass in the air" I told her. She obliged, wiping saliva away from her face. As she did this I grabbed her, and brought her towards me, kissing her. I wanted to taste my cock in her mouth. I threw her back on her bed and took out some lube I brought. Her ass was completely waxed, perfect I thought. It was small, bubbly, and cute. Like an 18 year old girl. I ripped her thong off, leaving her chemigarter intact and her heels one. I squeezed lube on her /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole and used my finger to spread it. Sticking one, then two fingers into her ass. She moaned. "You like that don't you slut?" "yeah" she moaned. I kept /fingering/ass-fingering/fingering-her-ass/">fingering her ass until it was loose enough to squeeze my /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock in. I rubbed some lube onto my cock and move the tip to her asshole. "I don't care if it hurts you, I'm going to fuck you hard" I warned her. "Please do," she replied.

I pressed free porn movies download her against her asshole. To my delight, it gave little resistance and felt her ass open and engulf my head. I pushed further, thrusting my whole dick in her at one time. She let out a small yell. I grabbed her hips and right away began to thrust my dick in and out of her hard. My thighs making slapping noises against hers. At this point I was so close to cumming after having my dick sucked good. I fucked her with reckless abandon. She grabbed a pillow and buried her head into it, not wanting her yells to be heard. I kept going, telling her good of a little slut she's been and soon I would reward her with my load. Her back was smooth, I ran my hands down them and placed my them on her shoulders. Holding on to her shoulders, I thrust her in and out of out my cock, my body not moving. I made her give me her hands behind her back, with her head supporting her body on the bed. I grabbed her arms, and used them for leverage as I kept /ass/ass-fucking/fucking-her-ass/">fucking her ass.

I was ready to cum, and I had promised her a reward. I pulled out, exposing her gapping hole. "Turn around" I ordered her. She turned around and laid down on the bed. Her makeup was messed up from being buried in the pillow, her face hot and sweaty, like my body. I climbed on top of her until my was on my knees, with my dick above her mouth. "Open your mouth" I told her. She gladly did, sticking her tongue out as well. I grabbed her hands and placed them on my cock, "If you want my cock you're going to have to get it yourself." She jerked my cock like she was mad. "please daddy, come all over my face" she said as she stroke.

She continued to stare into my eyes, waiting for my cum. "Ah, fuck!" I yelled as I felt my load work its way through my dick. She jerked harder, until she felt the first load of warm cum hit her forehead. She kept jerking, my cum exploding everywhere - her hair, eyes, all over her face. "Keep going" I commanded her, as I wanted to make sure she got every drop. When I was satisfied she got everything, I told her to use her hands to grab as much cum as she could and eat it. She readily obliged. Collecting jizz from all over her face and eagerly eating it. I stuck my cock back in her mouth, "make sure its clean" I told her. She eagerly took it in her mouth, and licked and sucked until it was clean from my my jizz and her ass.

"You were a good little slut today" I told her as I got off of her and began to get dressed. "Master, I love your /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock. Please come back again." "Oh, I'll be coming back, baby" I responded.