Clandestine Reserve Affair Pt 2

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Clandestine Reserve Affair Pt 2

Sunday, The First Weekend. 

Captain Betsy Wilkes stared at her computer, but her mind was not on the memo she had been typing. In fact, she could not have told anyone what it read if they were to ask. Right now she was reliving last night in the commanders office and all the /ecstasy/">ecstasy that she felt at being able to seduce him. True enough, the commander, Lt. Colonel Justin Vance, had given her all the signals that he wanted it even before she had thought about really fucking him. Not that she hadn?t thought about it before. He was so damned handsome. Every time she was near him her heart would beat double time and there was always those damned goose bumps when he even looked her way. And, oh, that sexy voice. The tinglings that that voice made course through her body. Then there were always those very sexy and wet dreams about him for at least a week after drill weekend and they would usually conclude with him fucking her, although the dreams were never quite as detailed or as sexy as what had gone on in the commanders office last night. 
Justin was very proficient at fucking and she sensed that he just might be as adventurous as she was. 

A knock on the door brought her back to /reality/">reality. Her clerk popped his head in through the opening and told her that it was time to go home. She thanked him but said that she still had some work to do on this damned memo and would stay until she had some sticky areas figured out. He said good night and turned away. She heard his footsteps go down the hall and she got out of her chair to stretch. She wondered how long it would take for the commander to arrive. She was ready. So ready for a continuation of what had occurred yesterday. She took off her BDU shirt and realized her nipples were standing at attention once again. That was one of the things that always happened when thoughts of the commander tramped through her mind. Standing beside her desk, she leaned over to bring her arms and hands down to the floor in effort to get the kinks out of her back using some old ballet exercises she remembered. 

Another knock at the door startled her. She came up just to the point where her eyes could see over the desk. Damn, there he was now and he was studying her very intently, although all he could really see from where he stood was her ass and the top of her head. She could only imagine what his eyes had locked onto. 

?Captain Wilkes, what are you doing?? Lt. Col. Vance questioned.

?Trying to loosen up, sir,? she replied. ?My back has gotten really tight.?

Stress or anticipation he wondered. ?Come here. Maybe I can get you to loosen up.? he pointed to a small round table with four chairs around it. ?Sit here.? He patted a chair. ?Do you have any lotion??

?Yes, sir.? she pointed toward the bookcase. ?There on the third shelf.?

?Okay. Sit down and pull your t-shirt up.? he ordered as he moved to get the lotion. She pulled the t-shirt over her head and suddenly clutched it to her breasts feeling slightly shy. ?Lean forward Captain.? He poured some lotion in his hand, rubbed them together, placed them on her shoulders and gently started kneading. She was right her back was tight, he thought, but he could feel her start to relax under his hands. Slowly he moved down her back kneading as he went down. When he felt her fully relax he moved his mouth down to her neck and started kissing and nibbling. His hands went around to her stomach and moved slowly up xxx sex video download free com until they cupped her breasts. She still had the t-shirt clutched to her chest and he took it and threw it into the corner. He pulled her back into the back of the chair and while keeping one hand massaging one breast and lightly twisting that nipple his other hand moved down toward her pants. Expertly he unbuttoned them and slide his hand toward his objective. He smiled to himself when he realized she wore no panties. She was as ready for him as he was for her. Realizing that fact made him grow harder and longer.

Betsy leaned her head back and put her arms around his neck. She pulled his face down and reached up to kiss him. Justin could feel his knees start to buckle, so he moved around her, pushing her chair back just a little as he went and sat on the table. Their mouths were still locked together in a very passionate kiss, although Betsy had removed her arms and hands from around his neck when he had started to move. Now they went back and were pulling him closer. Not they could get much closer, he thought. They would have to be standing or lying next to each other to get any closer than they were right now.

Betsy?s hands began to move toward his shoulders,then down to his chest, then to the front of his BDU shirt. She fiddled with the buttons but eventually had it undone. After laying it in the chair beside them, she started pulling on his t-shirt. Betsy broke off the kiss and stood up to pull Justin?s t-shirt over his head.

?Has everyone left?? Betsy whispered into Justin?s ear. He nodded. ?I think I?ll lock my door, just in case, anyway.? He watched her move toward the door and realized she was barefooted. When had she taken her boots off? He didn?t remember her doing it while he had been in the office, but her /feet/">feet were not what he had been concentrating on.
She came back to stand in front of him, placed her hands on his cheeks and leaned into kiss him. Then she knelt in front of him and unbuttoned his pants. Again she stroked his cock before taking it out from his briefs, making it rock hard, and then pulled it out to stand it straight up. Betsy wrapped her hand around the base and started fucking it with her hand. She looked up at him and asked with a mischievous smile on her mouth. 
?Would you get upset if I lightly used my teeth? Would that hurt too much? Or do you think you might enjoy it??

?Mmmmmm. Try it and see?? Justin teased her.

Betsy ran her tongue around the head of Justin?s cock several times and then put it in her mouth. Sucking gently she moved her mouth up and down on his cock several times without using her teeth, then starting at the base she lightly applied pressure with the top edges of her teeth as she started moving back up. She heard Justin gasp. She came up for air for a minute. ?Did I hurt you?? she asked.

?Oh, no.? Justin moaned. ?Do it some more.? She put his cock back in her mouth and resumed her attack. After a few minutes she felt him raising his hips and sensed him push his pants and briefs down past his hips. She concentrated on what she was doing until she felt his hands around her head pulling her up.

?Hhhhmmm?? she murmured.

?Come here.? he ordered.


?Cause I want to kiss you.?

?Ummmmmm. I like that.? and stood to kiss him. ?Fuck me,? she whispered in his ear.

?The floor? Or the desk?? he questioned.

?How about a bed?? she teased.

?Well, since I don?t see one here.....?

?How about a sleeper sofa?? she pointed to the small sexxxx video ful hd love seat in the corner of the office.

?Really?? he asked. She moved to the sofa and took off the cushions and pulled out the bed part. It took him about two seconds to pull his pants up and move to where she stood beside the bed. Justin took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Then he picked her up and laid her on the bed. Sitting on the bed he unlaced his boots and took them off. Laying down beside Betsy, she on her back and he on his side, he leaned down to kiss her. One hand moved down her back and started pushing her pants down past her hips. Betsy lifted her hips to allow the pants the room to come off easier and after Justin had gotten them past her hips, she bent her knees and helped him push them off. 
Betsy moved toward Justin and pressed her body against his. Her breasts flattened against his chest and she slightly rotated her hips so that her crotch would rub against Justin?s engorged cock. Her hands moved down to the tops of his pants and started pushing them off of Justin?s hips. His briefs took a little work to get over their obstacle but eventually the task was accomplished. Again their bodies moved together and they kissed very deeply. His hands on her hips pulled her pelvis flat against him. She could feel his cock pulsing against her skin. He moved her on her back and kissed his way down to her pussy, briefly pausing at her breasts and nipples. Then he plunged between her legs and nibbled, sucked and kissed her until she was begging him to fuck her. He kissed his way back up to her neck until his cock found it?s way to it?s objective. Justin slowly pushed in. Far to slowly for Betsy. She put her hands on his ass and pushed, urging him forward. But he resisted and kept up with his short and shallow strokes. Shortly though Justin started a faster and deeper stroke.

?Harder!? Betsy whispered. ?Faster! Fuck me, Justin.? It was if those were the magical words in Justin?s ear, because just after she said them Justin felt the flow of cum beginning deep inside him and he began to pump his hips harder and faster. Betsy moved her body in time with his and just short few minutes the cum burst from him into her pussy. 

He slowed and then dropped his weight on top of her moaning, ?God that felt wonderful.?

Justin rolled onto the bed and they kissed again. Betsy put her hand between her legs and brought back her fingers wet with their combined passion. She put her fingers to his lips and he opened his mouth and sucked on them. He then moved his hands to get that nectar and let Betsy taste. They lay in each others arms and fell asleep.